Inspire Education

Foundation Subjects

Each topic has a large collection of history sessions at the core.

Each topic has a large collection of geography sessions at the core.

Each topic has a small collection of cross-curricular science lessons.

Each topic has a small collection of cross-curricular D&T lessons.

Each topic has a small collection of cross-curricular art lessons.

Session Content

There are 100s of lessons that are all at the highest possible quality.

To ensure good coverage, topics consist of between 10-25 highly detailed lessons that are fully resourced. Subject skills, vocab, key concepts, questions, objects and outcomes are clearly mapped out.

Sessions are knowledge-rich and have an enormous amount of extra resourcing.

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3D reconstructions of significant archaeological sites and artefacts

Age-related reading materials

Outstanding videos and multimedia

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Exceptional presentations with built-in low-stakes quizzes

Eye-catching worksheets

Integrated maps showing historical changes and natural processes


Through each unit, we have created a philosophy activity which focuses on conceptual answering and explorative learning. By thinking deeply about the social and moral themes of their topic, children gain a conceptual and meaningful understanding.

Health and Well-being

We provide activities which help boost children’s emotional well-being by completing short, sharp activities based on their topic. Through this, they learn to understand, handle and appropriately express their emotions, through a context they are learning about.

Sessions include a huge amount of high-quality videos that explain and display real history and geography. Along with inbuilt 3D reconstructions, Children will be able to see in detail significant archaeological findings and historical artefacts.

Exceptional Resourcing

A vast amount of detailed, eye-catching presentations, texts and worksheets are also contained within each session.

These include:

  • Focused and targeted vocabulary
  • Impressive photographs and images
  • Important information and facts
  • In-built low-stakes quizzes to challenge retrieval skills

The Inspire Education platform also comes with inbuilt Mozaik 3D. Here, children can see stunning 3D visuals to help them better understand the topic. They offer details such as cross-sections, skeletons, maps, enlargements and various complex processes.