Historic Workshop



Click the thumbnails below to explore the large variety of historic workshops that all work alongside the National Curriculum, provided by expert presenters. Please read through our Terms and Conditions before booking a workshop. These Terms and Conditions are non-negotiable and must be agreed to before booking a workshop.

Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians were truly an incredible civilisation. During this workshop, the children learn about just how incredible the Ancient Egyptians were!

The Maya

Our Maya Workshop has been developed by an archaeologist who has visited the historic Maya sites. They are incredibly knowledgeable about the intricacies of Maya culture and life.

Ancient Greece

The workshop will begin with an introduction from a Royal Greek Guard! The day is then organised into highly engaging, hands-on sessions about Ancient Greece.


The workshop begins with an introduction from a Roman Centurion, in full armour! They will talk about Roman equipment and, after the introduction, the hands-on sessions begin!

The Anglo-Saxons

We cover a huge amount about the Anglo-Saxons by handling weapons, equipment and real artefacts. Children participate in Anglo-Saxon activities and battle formations.

The Stone Age

Children will be introdcued to a Stone Age Homo sapien and present to them Stone Age weapons and tools. Children will participate in activities such as bone investigations and cave drawings.

The Victorians

Why not turn your classroom into a Victorian classroom? Have the Victorian Schoolmaster or Schoolmistress bring their slate boards, slate pencils, cane, dunce’s hat, finger stocks and the posture-correcting backboard!

The Vikings

The highlight of the day has to be when up to 30 children at once, take part in battle formations and tactics. With 30 wooden, replica round shields and wooden spears, they will experience what it was like to go into battle in Viking times.

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