The Vikings

Historic Workshop



We can accommodate up to 3 classes (90 children) for a full day’s worth of highly engaging, hands-on learning. How do we manage this? We provide two teacher-led sessions that are extremely immersive, and crucially…easy for teachers to deliver!

The highlight of the day has to be when up to 30 children at once, take part in battle formations and tactics. With 30 wooden, replica round shields and wooden spears, they learn about the famous Shield Wall and experience what it was like to go into battle in Viking times.

A typical Viking Workshop looks like this:

The workshop begins with an introduction from a Viking warrior! The warrior will talk about the weapons, shields, helmets and armour they have with them. They will demonstrate how these were used during the Viking era.

The rest of the day is then mostly taken up with our incredible hands-on and highly-engaging sessions.

  • Battle Formations and Tactics – the workshop leader will train the children on how to fight like a Viking warrior and they will even get their own spear and round shield to use during the activity!
  • Viking Board Games – the children will get to play two of the most popular games of the Viking age, 9 Men’s Morris and Hnefatafl.
  • Archaeology – the children get to sift through sand trays to unearth real artefacts buried in England! Some artefacts date as far back as Roman times!
  • A Viking Thing – a ‘Thing’ was the name of a Viking meeting, where all free people met to decide the fate of their settlement. The children will take part in their own Thing in this exciting Powerpoint-based session where their decisions will have consequences… Can they keep all three classes of Viking society happy? Will they make the right decisions?
  • Viking Artefact Investigation – the workshop leader will show the children a range of replica Viking artefacts and demonstrate/describe how they would be used. Children will see how fires were made, how clothing was made from animals, what the Vikings would drink out of, how they looked after their appearance and more. There may also be a chance for a couple of young Vikings to dress up!

Depending on timings and the number of classes taking part in the day, there may also be other talks/presentations, about things such as the Viking sagas (stories about the adventures of the Viking gods!)

Anglo-Saxon Workshop Schedule

9:00 - 9:40
9:40 - 10:30
Battle formation and tactics
10:30 - 10:45
10:50 - 11:20
Viking games
11:20 - 12:00
A Viking 'thing'
12:00 - 13:00
Hall used from 11:40
13:05 - 13:35
Viking society
13:35 - 14:15
Archaeological dig
14:15 - 14:50
Weapons and equipment
14:50 - 15:00
Final review
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Throughout these workshops, children will handle and investigate some incredible artefacts, based on the topic they will be learning about that is in line with the curriculum. Some of these artefacts are genunine and others are replicas. Workshop leaders are fully qualified and will have ensure that the day meets as many of the curriculum objectives as possible. All learning is fully inclusive and accessible to all children including SEN and EAL children.

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