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Virtual Reality

With the use of virtual reality, we’re able to bring the outside world into the classroom and transport children through time and space. Imagine visiting the Colosseum whilst learning about the Romans or blasting off into space during a topic on the Solar System. Our team of qualified teachers and passionate educators can deliver a range of workshops within your school to help bring learning to life and create some excitement around your topics.

We help

Drive Engagement

VR is a great way of driving engagement and inspiring curiosity about a topic. Children can explore for themselves, come up with a range of questions and refer back to their experiences when delving deeper into a topic. Many of the schools that we visit comment on the awe and wonder created by our workshops and the impact that it has on their topic going forward.


Our VR days typically include between 4-6 classes, with workshops lasting 30-45 minutes each.

Each class can choose a different workshop to match their topic.

We bring in 16 VR headsets and we recommend pupils share one between two.

Every workshop is run by a member of our team to ensure the day runs smoothly.

Inspire Creative Writing

Motivating children to write can be difficult at times. Virtual reality is a great way of transporting children to another world, where they can escape from their ‘everyday life’ and feel like they are someone else.

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These VR Workshops

Bring Learning to Life

For many topics, children find it difficult to understand a concept or relate to an experience. How often are children able to step foot inside the mighty Colosseum and imagine the 50,000 spectators cheering on the gladiators? Or go scuba diving underwater with whale sharks and green sea turtles? Although real life experiences can’t be beaten, virtual reality does provide the next best and closest alternative.

VR Workshops Bring

Immersive Learning

Giving children the opportunity to explore far-off places like the rainforest and space from the comfort of their own classroom is now a possibility, thanks to virtual reality. We transport primary school children around the world, back in time and into completely new worlds. Driving engagement, inspiring creative writing and bringing learning to life are just some of the ways that VR can boost outcomes at your school.


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This is

Our Mission

We want to bring the curriculum to life using immersive technology. The vast majority of children will never have the opportunity to visit a rainforest or step foot inside an Egyptian tomb. Trying to understand and conceptualise a topic that you read about in a textbook can be difficult. Immersive technology such as VR brings a child one step closer to their topic and can help them to understand, relate and engage with their learning. We are not just committed to delivering engaging workshops across the UK.

How to book a VR workshop day

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Check your email for a message from one of our workshop leaders.

Complete a few questions to confirm the workshop day.

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