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Inspire Literacy is an immersive and interactive learning platform that focuses on the visual literacy of KS1-KS2 cross-curricular reading and writing. 


Inspire Education is a highly engaging online curriculum platform where children master the foundation subjects. Using a huge amount of tools, multimedia and interactive scenes, the content is knowledge-rich, logically sequenced and concept-driven to inspire children to execute targeted subject skills.

  Inspire.Literacy focuses on cross-curricular reading and writing in a truly unique way. Built around imaginative and interactive scenes, children master the development of reading and writing skills that are all built around units of work. All complete with high-quality texts, multimedia and purposeful lessons.

The Inspire platform comes with Mozaik 3D. These unique 3D models offer a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge more efficiently. They can be rotated and resized that have built-in animations. Most also include narrations and a walk mode, enabling you to explore a particular environment.

Your digital literacy platform

Inspire Literacy has dozens of cross-curricular projects to choose from. Each project comes with interactive, immersive scenes and a huge amount of multimedia content; working in tandem to provide children with the basis for producing impactful, purposeful writing through any genre. All this resourcing will captivate children’s imaginations as they go on quests, fight battles and solve crimes!


Cross-Curricular Writing Projects

Inspire Literacy begins with a large selection of cross-curricular writing projects that are built around units of work. These projects help develop vocabulary, reading and writing skills through a mastery approach.

Cross-Curricular Writing Projects

Inspire Literacy begins with a large selection of cross-curricular writing projects that are built around units of work. These projects help develop vocabulary, reading and writing skills through a mastery approach.

  • Alien Adventure
  • Bigfoot’s Redemption
  • Chocolate: From Bean to Bar
  • Deep in the Ocean
  • Dragon Safari
  • Egyptian Tomb Raiding
  • Egyptian Burial
  • Knights & Castles
  • Life as an Anglo-Saxon
  • Lungs of the Earth
  • Most Wanted
  • Rocks, Rumbles & Eruptions
  • Surviving Pompeii
  • The Bewitched Forest
  • The Great Fire of London
  • The Might of Hercules
  • The Plague
  • Theseus: Hero of Athens
  • Traditional Tales
  • Treasure Island
  • Victorian Crime Stories
  • Vikings: Sailing & Raiding
  • World War Salvation

… And more

Lessons and Units


Lessons and Units

Projects consist of between 10 – 25 detailed lessons, all fully resourced showing a clear skill progression. They are knowledge-rich, include a huge amount of multimedia, and are linked to high-quality texts.

Integrated Mozaik 3D

Videos and multimedia

Online comprehensions that target reading skills

Engaging texts linked to each topic

Interactive reading games to build critical thinking

Eye-catching digital texts and presentations

Animated Scenes

Each writing project comes with interactive and immersive scenes. Children can use these scenes as a stimulus and inspiration for their writing.

The animated scenes include multimedia, such as:

  • Scene switch to different times, events & areas
  • Targeted texts
    eBooks & audiobooks
  • High-quality videos
  • Low stakes quizzes
  • Thematic music
  • Interacting with characters
  • Ambiences & sounds
  • Brain teasers
  • Writing ideas
  • Superb photographs
  • Reading games & puzzles
  • Decision-based stories
  • Reading comprehension
  • Mozaik 3D

Interactive Features

As well as interacting with characters and objects on the screen, children develop many important skills, from imaginative design to critical thinking. This is done through a variety of interactive features such as problem-solving activities, decision-based stories, and reading-based games.

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Through each project, we have created philosophy activities which focus on mastery of the text, through conceptual answering and explorative learning. By thinking deeply about the social and moral themes of their project, children gain a conceptual understanding which helps them to produce meaningful writing.

Emotional Literacy

We work alongside PSHE specialists to provide activities which help boost children’s emotional literacy by completing short, sharp writing activities based on their project. Through this, they learn to understand, handle and appropriately express their emotions, and to empathise with others.


Each project has a differentiated main text and can be printed out to become a personalised working document. Differentiated questions cover all necessary reading comprehension skills (retrieval, comparison, summary, inference, meaning and language), with additional text-based activities.

Writing projects that link to the wider curriculum

Intergrated Mozaik 3D

Units linked to engaging and diverse texts

Fully resourced sessions, with digital slides, to reduce workload

Helps aid the development of cultural capital

Targets key vocabulary

Progressive development of writing skills

Interactive reading games to build critical thinking

Huge amounts of video and multimedia

Online comprehensions that target reading skills

Dramatic performances to foster communication

Inbuilt emotional literacy tasks linked to the topic

Highly sequenced, detailed lesson plans

Immersive, animated scenes with sound effects 

Thematic music to create atmosphere

Challenges greater depth in writing and reading

Philosophy activites to cultivate deep thinking

Research capabilities to enhance understanding

Digital media opportunities to nurture communication

Staff training with intergrated CPD

The Inspire Education platform also comes with inbuilt Mozaik 3D. Here, children can see stunning 3D visuals to help them better understand the topic. They offer details such as cross-sections, skeletons, maps, enlargements and various complex processes.

“I love the products produced by Inspire Education. The engaging animations bring learning alive and enthrall children and teachers alike, with the clickable features! The carefully planned, accompanying activities make strong meaningful connections across the curriculum. I was proud to be a part of developing some of the Inspire resources and can’t wait to see some of the future additions. I highly recommend the use of the Inspire Education resources in the classroom.”

“I have seen for myself the impact of ‘Inspire Education’ on children’s interest and their resultant learning in classrooms. If you want children to engage and explore subject disciplines in depth, it is worth considering a programme which leaves the teacher in control and opens the door to a world of learning. Inspire Education is that programme.”

Professor Mick Waters Curriculum Consultant, Lecturer, and Former Director of the Curriculum at the QCA

“Inspire Education’s offer of interactive scenes along with its plethora of lesson plans, videos and resources mean that teachers have a well-resourced bank of ideas and activities that help bring history to life. The addition of the incredible Mozaik3D scenes means that an already brilliant package is now unmissable. A fantastic resource for helping children to visualise many tricky aspects of the past.”

‘Using children’s love of video games to engage and develop learning is a powerful way to encourage learning. The digital experiences on offer are not only engaging in terms of education but also good games in their own right. Inspire offers a full 360-degree way to teach and engage children and I’m excited!’

‘One of the key difficulties when teaching primary history is the need to introduce children into the abstract worlds of the past. This is where Inspire offers such a brilliant proposition… The meticulously crafted scenes, complete with brilliant soundscapes enable children to have a clearer sense of time, place and period whilst enjoying what the scenes have to offer. Inspire isn’t like a scheme of work with accompanying PPTs; it is brilliant to tap into again and again to help children ‘see’ the past clearly and then move on with learning on a more solid footing.’

“Inspire Education have created an amazing website with phenomenal resources to support the primary curriculum. I’m not easily impressed… I think it is brilliant!”

‘The deep, story-rich learning experiences with Inspire do what they say on the tin. The multiple levels in which it immerses the learner have to be seen to be believed’

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