Ancient Egypt

Historic Workshop



The Ancient Egyptians were an incredible civilisation. During this workshop, the children learn about just how incredible the Ancient Egyptians were!

  • Mummification – The children meet Empa, the embalmer. He has prepared countless Ancient Egyptians for the journey to the afterlife over the years. Now though…it is his time to journey to the afterlife. There’s one problem… He was the only embalmer in the village! It is now down to the village scribe, to read Empa’s writings and learn on-the-job how to get Empa to the afterlife with dignity. As the introduction to our Ancient Egyptian workshop, the workshop leader will be fumbling their way through the embalming and mummification process in front of shocked and captivated primary children! Sloppy human organs will be removed. ‘Accidents’ will inevitably happen. A life-long memorable experience will surely be the result for all in attendance.
  • Egyptian scribe – Using black ink, authentic reed pens and REAL papyrus (from Egypt), the children become Egyptian scribes!
  • Egyptian games – The children will get to play two of the most popular Egyptian board games: Senet and Mancala.
  • Egyptian City Builder – In this session, using an interactive Powerpoint, the children will work together to design their very own Egyptian city! Have they got what it takes to create the perfect Egyptian city?
  • Artefact Investigation – Ari will show the children various replicas of Ancient Egyptian artefacts and talk about their significance. Many of the artefacts have been made in modern-day Egypt so are extremely authentic! The best thing is…the children get to pick up and handle All of them!

As always, these sessions can be done in a carousel of activities, with two of them being ‘teacher-led’. By providing this, we can ensure that up to 3 classes can get a full day’s worth of learning and activities!

“Thank you so much for your Egyptian workshop last week, it was wonderful to see their learning/topic brought to life. All the children had a lot of fun and they learnt many new things from all of the different activities.”

Victoria Cooper

Teacher, Crazies Hill CE Primary School, Wokingham

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Throughout these workshops, children will handle and investigate some incredible artefacts, based on the topic they will be learning about that is in line with the curriculum. Some of these artefacts are genunine and others are replicas. Workshop leaders are fully qualified and will have ensure that the day meets as many of the curriculum objectives as possible. All learning is fully inclusive and accessible to all children including SEN and EAL children.

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