Small Chacmool

Chacmool statues have been found at many Maya and Aztec sites including the famous Chichen Itza. The bowl that they hold is believed to have been a receptacle for religious offerings.

Both the Maya and Aztecs held fearful beliefs about their gods. They thought that the gods that had created them were also capable of destroying them and had destroyed several worlds before. In order to please the gods and avoid their wrath, sacrifices were often made. Chacmool statues incorporate a receptacle to hold these offerings which could include food, drink, tobacco, precious jewels and gold or incense. For the Aztecs however, the gods were most pleased by the ultimate sacrifice and the Chacmool’s receptacle is known as a cuauhxicalli, a stone bowl used to receive sacrificed human hearts.

Approx: 9cm × 10cm × 5cm
Origin: Mexico



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